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Success Is A Journey…Success will come with time and determination.

  • Risk -vs- Reward…Is now my new way to look at life
  • You can and you must overcome negative imprints
  • Remember that determinations is the enemy of self-doubt
  • Never let a Road Block Stop You!
  • Goals are Vital to your success they are your guide
  • Surround yourself with success
  • Hangout  with successful people



Before I share anything I want to say Thank You for stopping by, I am a Internet Marketer who is real. I also wanted to give you an understanding of why I built this blog/website and who it’s for. It’s for people who really want to succeed on the web. So with that being said…I must say I am one who will succeed on the web. I have been at this since 2006 and still haven’t made no money yet and here it is 2015. I have spent a lot of money trying, but nobody has really gave me a real understanding on how this really work. What I came to understand is they don’t know how to teach they know how to sell…but if they knew how to teach or even treat the new person they would do a lot better. If they are true to the business it will be true to them…Meaning instead of me looking for the next shiny object I would still be spending my money with them. Also as my business grew so would there’s…but because they are only sells men I keep looking and saying this software is going to work this time, or this person is the real deal…but it don’t and they aren’t..I must say the internet dream life still hasn’t came true yet but I want quit…Why you ask because…DOUBTING or QUITTING Is Not Acceptable. I am a single father of three kids ranging from 16, 14, and 12. I got full custody in 2006 and I said then, they will have a great life. It has been hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

So guess what I just did…and this is my 1st time doing something like this. I took on a challenge. It’s called THE QUICK START CHALLENGE!!! 7-6-2015 was the start date and I AM LOVING IT! The 1st challenge is to start this blog/website. I was told to make this my space.

So I asked myself what is it going to take to be successful online…and up until this point what was I looking for from the people I spent my money with…Integrity, honesty, morals, trustworthiness, ethics, ect.

So now that I haven’t found that yet…I said with this challenge…I will and I am willing to die trying to empower people who need a ready defense against intellectual bullies and false teachers bent on misleading people.

This blog/website is To Teach, Inspire and Empower myself and others to fully realize and actualize our God-Given potential.

THE QUICK START CHALLENGE has made me really look at what’s important.


The thing that are most important to me is

  • Faith…because without it I’m nothing
  • Family…My kids is my drive
  • Education…Education is important because the more you have the further you go and nobody can take it from you
  • Finances…I don’t want my kids to wonder or worry about anything and I will help others
  • Business…My business is the way to make every dream come true with God’s help



So on this Journey to Internet Success…I am going to maintain a positive attitude and a sense of humor in everything I do. With God’s help I will be known by my family as a caring and loving father, by my business associates as a fair and honest person; and by my friends as someone they can count on; to the people who work for me and with me, I pledge my respect and I will strive every day to earn their respect.

So controlling all my actions is a strong sense of integrity…which I believe to be the most important character trait.

So with all that was said by me…I would love for you to BOOKMARK this site and come back often. To Comment, and Share, but what your comments and sharing is really going to do is make me stay true to you and myself.



Hey you made it to the end…So here is a Challenge For You…

  • I am going to be a happier person…you do the same
  • I am going to make a difference in someone else life every day…you do the same
  • I am a life coach/mentor…so now you become one
  • I am going to celebrate something at least once a week…you do the same
  • I am going to achieve my person maximum both mentally and physically…you do the same
  • I am going outside my comfort zone daily…you do the same



I AM BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE, SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS THAT WILL INSPIRE THE WORLD! You Do The Same…and if you need any help just reach out and I will help…I am a team player and on this team nobody will be left behind.



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